To secure the funding needed for your project or event, it is important that your proposal stand out and meets the Sponsor’s requirements.  Once you have identified or connected to your Sponsor, make sure you are aware of the proper format for submitting your proposal.  Always follow that format.  It could make the difference in whether you receive the funding or not.  If you are not sure of the format, contact the Sponsor and request a sample copy. 

The template prepared for a sponsorship proposal should cover the points given below:

•  Executive Summary: It is the first point that needs to be addressed in a sponsorship proposal. This summarized information presents before the sponsor, precise points/reasons why they should support your organization.

•  Information about Company Background: This section need to be made interesting to read and present strong points about the benefactor company. The mission statement of the company can also be included in this section. The total content presented in this section should not go beyond one page.

•  Project Information: This section is crucial from the point of advertising the project/sponsorship program. The sponsor's point of view is given importance in this section. Benefits which can be availed by the sponsor are included in this section.

•  Market Information: The detailed information about the market collected by the benefactor should also be presented in this part of the document. It gives an idea to the sponsor as to which target audience he is going to be reached throughout the program. Information about audience needs to be provided in a detailed manner. The data should include income levels of the audience, their address details, educational information, etc.

•  Pitch: An important section of the proposal from the point of fixing a deal with the sponsor, it should state the price of sponsorship. The needs of benefactor should also be clearly presented in this section. Other details included are the period of project, due dates of payment and information about sponsorship hierarchy.

•  List of Benefits: A detailed account of all the benefits that a sponsor gets from the deal are provided in this section. Information about the different offers and sponsorship money associated with them are enlisted in this section. One should keep in mind that the benefits/offers made in section are subject to change. The follow-up document is the place where these modifications are reflected.

•  Plan for Marketing: Different measures undertaken by the benefactor to promote the program/project are enlisted in this part of the document.

•  Summary: It is the last and most important part of a sponsorship proposal template. The information of this section includes list of board of directors, current sponsors of the company, media clippings, etc.

Privacy Statement

SPARC makes it possible to place a sponsorship request for potential sponsors to find you. SPARC does not take part in any transaction that the sponsor and sponsor seeker make. SPARC respects the privacy of every visitor. Furthermore we try to protect your privacy and the data that you exchange on SPARC.  Information that is related to you will not be passed on to others unless there is a legal obligation to do so.

Reference from:  Kim Skildum-Reid 1998-2007


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